Into Neptuneís Embrace


Ross Warren

You shuffle forward, burdened by the weight of the thick knotted ropes and heavy rusted chains that enfold you.
Ahead of you are only the plank and the vast, restless ocean. Behind you is the braying crowd made up of your former shipmates. Their jeering is creating a cacophonous wall of noise that seems to physically propel you forward.
You pause at the plank, unable to command your legs to move your body forwards. You feel the captainís cutlass poke into your lower back and lurch forward onto the plank in reflex.
The thick, but narrow, wood flexes under your weight and you overbalance. Pitching sideways you begin your descent to the sea below.
You grit your teeth and brace for the impact with the rough, undulating surface of the sea. Your mouth is forced open as you plunge into the cool water. The air from your lungs is forced out and salty, briny sea water rushes into you.
You have a split second to register the eerie, almost soundless quality of being under water before your survival instincts kick in. You thrash about in a futile attempt to get free of your shackles; achieving nothing but using up the oxygen in your blood stream quicker and shortening your life further.
As gravity, assisted by the weighty chains, drag you relentlessly down into Davy Jonesís locker you manage to rotate your body so your back is to the ocean floor. Faint traces of Caribbean sunlight dance on the oceanís surface, becoming ever more distant from your grasping fingers with each passing second.
Your vision begins to blur as your oxygen-starved brain begins to shut down your bodily functions. A reassuring calm takes over you and your movements cease. You drift ever downwards, eyes darting about to take in the sights of your final moments of life.
Your fellow deep-sea occupants are little more than shapes now as the gloomy waters couple with your deteriorating vision. In your final moments of consciousness the face of your beloved appears before you in perfect clarity and you whisper your final words before death takes you.